Hi! I am Aimee Giese. I am a graphic designer, web developer, social media strategist, photographer, blogger and non-sleeper from Denver, Colorado. That is a lot of thing/slash/things, but after working for over 30 years in the marketing and design world, you start to stuff many different skills into your hat.

In 2011, I sold my half of Klein Buendel, a multimedia development firm that creates large-scale health education research projects, mainly for the government and health organizations. During my tenure, we were regularly ranked among the top women-owned and top privately-owned companies in Colorado. In 2010, the company was noted as one of the 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America by Inc. Magazine.

Since then, I have been out on my own and doing all four things I love: graphic design, web development, social media and photography – usually in pajamas from my home office. In 2018, I started working with Remedy Connect, a health marketing and tech agency that caters to pediatricians – and they have become my primary client, although I continue to be open for work!

I graduated from Flagler College in 1991 with a graphic design major and photography minor, and also started working in web development in 1998. Read about my services or see all the details of my career via LinkedIn.

Generally, I charge $150 per hour – but don’t freak out. I’m worth it, I work fast and I am willing to negotiate for larger projects or longer-term work.

Thanks for stopping by!

Aimee Giese | Giese Media

I am available for freelance and part time remote work right now.

I would love to hear about your project, or just even how your day is going!