Graphic Design

I graduated with a design degree in 1991, started in the field right after – and I have loved every minute of it. I have worked in diverse areas, with diverse clients and diverse audiences over the years. My favorite thing is finding a way to get a project done that meets the goals of the client and expresses the message of the design. I am a huge fan of playing with type, color and emotion. Graphic design has permeated into every aspect of my work – from project management to web design to photography. It’s the launchpad of my career and has helped me branch out into these other areas.


Social Media

I started my blog in 2005. Later than some, earlier than others. I have learned a lot over the years – about engagement, strategy and tools to get people involved on the web, and have been a speaker at major conferences to help teach others. I rock when training people in social media so they can take it and run on their own. Need content-creation with strong SEO principles? I am also perfectly content to manage a Twitter handle for a client, or monitor their Facebook. Or perhaps you need help identifying key influencers in a specific area? I love connecting people who fit. Social media is a new frontier, so they say. I think it’s a tool to communicate with friends, family and customers just as you always have. We just need to find what works for you.


Web Development

I began working on web sites in 1998, and have become extremely proficient in WordPress, HTML and CSS. I am comfortable in code, but would never pose as a programmer. I sure do know some awesome ones though, if your project requires full-scale application development. One of my strong skills is User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). I like to make sure the people hitting a web site or app are doing what we want them to. My specialty is small-medium WordPress sites, but let’s hear what you have in mind. Making ideas move on the web is the best!



I specialize in several major topics: people, music, travel and nature. I like natural light, bokeh, flare, funky angles – and most of all – capturing the moment. Yes, I do have studio lighting equipment, but I will use it almost as a last resort. I want to see what magic we can catch! Generally a standard portrait sitting runs 1-2 hours… and for every hour of shooting, there is at least one hour of editing. In the end, I provide digital files for you to print on a personal level as much as you see fit. Interested in wedding photography? I am a very casual shooter and work solo, which means I can only cover smaller affairs. As I mentioned above, I like to capture the moments, so this means less posed group photos and more joyous interaction between you and your guests.